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image taken from scans from an artbook containing images for the series.

ALDNOAH.ZERO Homepage | ALDNOAH.ZERO English Homepage

Limited Edition Blu-ray Releases
Season One
LE Blu-ray #1 (EP 1-6) | LE Blu-ray #2 (EP 7-12)

Season Two
I haven't grabbed the links yet.

Regular DVD Releases
Season One
DVD #1 (EP 1-6) | DVD #2 (EP 7-12)

Season Two
I haven't grabbed the links yet ... again.

Support the English-licensed manga by Yen Press!
There's a "Buy This Book" section on the right side of the book's information. Make sure it says "paperback" or "digital." There's always a chance I might have messed up the links in one of the sections.

Season One
Volume One: Paperback | Digital
Volume Two: Paperback | Digital
Volume Three: Paperback | Digital
Volume Four: Paperback | Digital (not listed yet)
Volume 3 is to be released in May 2016.

Season Two
- N/A

Welcome to the deviantART group Aldnoah-Zero! I hope you enjoy your time here.
Want to affiliate with us? So long as your group is anime-related, please do so!




For any problems, feel free to contact me!
(Username is below this box with along with being listed on the "About Us" page!)

Even if it's just trouble with submitting a deviation, I'll try and help with any issues you're having. :)



Group Rules & Folder Descriptions

[EDITED April 5, 2016]
Took some of the thumbnail stuff out of this box because it was clogging this section up.

ALDNOAH.ZERO is finished airing! HOWEVER, discussion still isn't allowed on the main page because not everyone has seen this series. Either take your comments to the specific episode Journal entries or just keep them on your own page(s).

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre RULES
Please read the rules before submitting anything.
1) do not spoil anything about the series on the main page of the group. *
2) do not disrespect anyone else in the group.
3) do not steal another person's artwork.
4) submit to the proper folder. **
5) do not ask for download links pertaining to anything in the series since that's pirating and all and this group doesn't support that openly.
feel free to send links to each other, just don't do it here where people can see them.
6) for the love of Vers, don't submit 20 times because your deviation isn't in the group yet. wait until I get to it, please.
* spoilers within a deviantion's descriptions aren't a problem; if you accidentally read a spoiler and haven't finished a series, I'm sorry to say it's all on you for looking up fan art for a series and not expecting spoilers.
** if you're confused by any folders, please read the list at the bottom for what goes where.

* If rules 1, 2, 3, or 5 are not followed, I may remove you from the group without warning. It's just a warning in its own way to let people know beforehand. *

Floating Stars - Divider by SugareeSweets Floating Stars - Divider by SugareeSweets

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre SUBMISSIONS
First and foremost:
All deviations within the gallery of this group must involve at least 1 character from Aldnoah.Zero or an OC based on the series.

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario What's Accepted:
- Any style of art ranging from screenshot redraws to works in progress to cosplay to fan fiction.
- Yes, you can submit yaoi or yuri illustrations. Submit those to the [Pairs, Groups] folder along with hetero couples.
- Mature pieces are allowed so long as they follow the rules of deviantART and the "mature content" warning is on.
- Yes, you can submit motivational or demotivational posters. Basically, it's fine if you use official art for wallpapers or posters, just make sure it isn't fan art you found and decided to make a wallpaper with without at least crediting the original artist.

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario What's Rejected:
- Using someone else's artwork without proper crediting/permission. I've gone through and cleaned out those I've seen on pixiv and were used in wallpapers without proper credits or permission given by the artist.
- Official images from the series. It should be obvious but that's not fan art when you take official artwork and repost it.

Floating Stars - Divider by SugareeSweets Floating Stars - Divider by SugareeSweets

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre FOLDER DESCRIPTIONS
FROM NOW ON, folders are separated by the media used and not characters. Please check inside the folder to read the description about what goes in it if you're confused.

Floating Stars - Divider by SugareeSweets Floating Stars - Divider by SugareeSweets

Please let me know if I accidentally allow submissions for something I said I didn't allow; I'm definitely not perfect so I'll make plenty of mistakes. xD

If you have any problems (and I mean any) with submitting, feel free to let me know! If you provide a link to your piece in a private message to the group, I can add your artwork for you. However, you will have to click [Yes] in your notifications to allow them to be added. :dummy:


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